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Why .irish?


Present your blog or business more creatively


Own an online identity that reflects you


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.irish TLDs

For You

Own the perfect online identity that reflects who you are.

.irish TLDs

For Your Business

Present your Irish brand effectively to the world.

.irish TLDs

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Reach out to your Irish community, wherever you are in the world.

  • Blogging strollingnotions.irish
    “"I wanted a name for my travel blog that represented who I was & connected me to where I came from. People I meet don't need to ask where I come from now when I mention strollingnotions.irish"”

    Brendan Farrell Blogger traveling South America

  • Politics emigrantmanifesto.irish
    “I wanted the campaign to be very obviously Irish, but I didn't want it to be plastic paddy, shamrocks and harps. And I wanted something that immediately hit people between the eyes, immediately give them a sense of what it was about. And the .irish domain name does this quite nicely”

    Barry Johnston Candidate for Seanad Éireann

  • #HomeToWork Concierge onetribe.irish
    “The .Irish URL was the perfect fit because it goes right to the core of what we’re offering, a unique, ongoing service targeted at Irish people in the Diaspora. Any Irish person who sees one of the ads or even just the URL would instantly know that this is for them. That’s really powerful when we visit other countries or target social media or display advertising to foreign markets.”

    Avril McHugh Marketing Director at Cpl, Founder of OneTribe

  • Online Business bitesize.irish
    “"With us being an Irish language online learning resource, a .irish domain was perfect for us."”

    Eoin Ó Conchúir Managing Director

  • Start-ups digital.irish
    “Having the .IRISH domain name is a natural extension of our brand - it is fresh, interesting and embodies the high technology and startup culture that we want people to start to associate with Ireland by default. In addition "Digital dot irish" rolls off the tongue far easier than the NY Digital Irish group so we are even starting to prefer using our domain name instead of our full name!”

    Feargall Kenny Founder

  • Maker of Things HannahMakes.Irish
    “My Irish identity is a big part of who I am. It's from this perspective that all my work begins, whether consciously or unconsciously. I wanted an online identity that reflected this a fresh and progressive way. ”

    Hannah McCartney

  • Blogger stpatstospartans.irish
    “Being Irish is what defines my blog, it's an Irish perspective on my life here in the USA. My .irish domain gives me an online identity that reflects all this, connecting me to my Global Irish community.

    Billy Galligan

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